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Furniture is Rebuilding

Bu yazı tarafından 4 Şub 2012 tarihinde Great Reef, Setup bölümünde yayınlandı. 0 yorum aldı ve 65 defa okundu.

The furniture of the recently acquired aquarium doesn’t pleased me during my purchase. Besides the woodwork was awful; it doesn’t fit the other furniture’s in my living room. So I decided to rebuild the furniture. Therefore I bring the aquarium to home, but send the furniture directly to Aduro Ahsap.First of all the MDF plating of the furniture removed and metal frame is inspected. Former owner used this aquarium for 6-7 months, so metal frame was in good shape. New MDF plating done on the 4 feet of the furniture. Moreover, unlike the former user, I put a plating on to the furniture. I found it risky to put the aquarium directly on the 3 cm thick XPS plate, which sits on the metal frame. For me, a 20 mm pine plate between the metal frame and XPS plate is safer both for aquarium and the metal frame. I used a pine plate under the sump instead of MDF, because it is much safer against water. I expect that next week the furniture will be ready. Meanwhile I’ll be busy with cleaning the sump and aquarium.


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