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I Found the Aquarium

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Since I couldn’t built the aquarium which I planned for the Great Reef for a couple of reasons, I changed my direction to find the best possible second hand aquarium. After for a long search I located one which has dimensions good enough in my city. Its’ dimensions were 135 cm * 80 cm 50 cm (h) in metric and 53″ * 32″ * 20″ (h) in US Customary units. My original plans were a 160 cm * 80 cm * 70 cm aquarium, but as I said this aquarium is quite close. What I loose is some 10″ in length of aquarium and I’m obliged to universally recommended 20″-25″ in height (this is a gain I suppose). Because in reef tanks, increasing the height has more than one disadvantage


  •  Light density is significantly reduced down in the bottom.
  • As the water volume increased, salt and other additives is increased.
  • Even if the live load is same, usually the equipments like return pump, protein skimmer needs gets also bigger.
  • It gets harder (and more expensive) to fill the aquarium with corals.

For these reasons the recommended height is around 20″ but initially I was sceptical because the ratio of the lengths gets weird, and I afraid it would look aesthetically poor. But after seeing the tank in person, I was assured to the 20″ depth.


 This is a photograph of the tank in the former owners home. It arrived in my home now, and waiting for the start.


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