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I usually use vintage or old fashioned gadgets in my home and hobbies. My camera is an analog one which nobody uses anymore; in my hi-fi system consists of tube amplifiers which are ignored by technology-lovers; I still use turntables and the list goes on. But there is no need to reject the technology. It is a good think when you have the control over it.

I was looking for a audio recorder to use in my cello studies. When talking about this a friend mentioned about this device and even more bring it to me for a trial. Then began the trial phase. Even I knew that it has a video mode I ignored it for the first day. First and the real reason is I’m not a photogenic guy, and I’m not comfortable when a lens turns to me. Secondly I thought that creating an audio file would be much smaller than a video file. But no, they are pretty close. Then to give a try on my homepage, I searched for a Youtube like page to upload audio files. Well, there are some but I understand that most people who records audio files are converting them video files (by attaching a few photo in them) and upload to Youtube. So, I thought, why should I do more job if my device is permits video files?




Zoom Q3 shines on the audio side. Please understand: This is NOT a video device, if you are looking for a lot of video properties like 10x zoom, brilliant picture with super fine resolution than look elsewhere. This device gives you excellent audio record with so-so video.

Like most pocket HD camcorders, the lens on the Q3HD offers no optical zoom or autofocus. Subjects must be at least 3.3 feet away for the camera to capture them sharply. As I said before, the primary lure of the Q3DH is its built-in microphones, which provide incredible audio quality. The two microphones are placed next to each other and angled in opposite directions called “120 X/Y” pattern. This allows for the camcorder to pick up sounds in different directions they create stereo audio that offers great depth.


At the beginning I was planning to use this for cello work, but the quality of the videos convinced me to use it for video capturing for other hobbies and life.

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