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Coincident Super Eclipse Mk. 3 Speakers

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If there is only one magician in this hobby, that is definitely Israel Blume. Very few manufacturers produces such a wide range of products with this success. Although he started business with speakers, now he is producing pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, step-up transformers and cables.


Many people chooses speakers first, and then choose the best amplifier who can drive the speaker. In that approach choosing the speaker is priority. But I believe in another approach: Choosing the amplifier first, and then narrow the speaker options according to that amplifier. At that time I was just renewing my hi-fi system, and I was planning for a low powered SET amplifier, in which Coincident Frankestein was my first option. So in speaker choice I was limited to a few options. Because a SET amplifier can drive a narrow range of speakers which are sensitive enough and have a uniform impedance characterictics.




A natural choice of speakers for high sensitivity are full range units. Without crossovers these are effective and simple designs, but I like listening orchestral works. So I thought, maybe a well designed 3-way speaker would be better for my taste. This even narrowed my choice and I began to hunt for a Coincident speaker.


Eclipse series is the entry level in the Coincident Speaker line. But there is something special with the Mk. 3 of the Super Eclipse: with 5 drivers per channel it is nothing short of performance against his bigger brothers. The announced design goal of this speaker is: “To create a loudspeaker with the sonic attributes of the ground breaking Total Eclipse, but in a more compact, affordable package. This loudspeaker would be state of the art on both micro and macro levels and could be driven by the finest amplifiers without compromise.” Blume definitely meets this goal. With 92 db sensitivity and 14 ohm impedance, this speaker is an easy load for amplifiers. In fact for my taste 92 db – 95 db range is perfect, since it gets higher microphonics gets a bigger problem.

All Coincident enclosures are tuned to a very high fundamental resonance frequency of 350 hz, (as opposed to the 80 hz resonance of most speakers). This high frequency tuning technique renders resonances sonically inaudible. The end result is an enclosure with no audible colorations. Apart from this design, for enclosure material has also choosen carefully. Enclosures constructed from 1″ MDF Hardwood, a specially developed material that is both very rigid, non resonant and highly uniform with regard to density. This translates to a huge sonic difference.

The tweeter choice is a silk dome ScanSpeak Revelator; which is the same on Total Eclipse. This tweeters are simply excellent. Midranges are 2 – 5,25″ carbon fiber cone units per channel. The D’Appolito arrangement was chosen due to the many inherent advantages of the design (i.e. greater sensitivity and enhanced dynamic performance and power handling capability due to the coupling of the midrange/woofers). With the help of this design there is no need to a “listening point” Indeed, listen to the Super Eclipses while standing or seated and very little difference will be observed with regard to imaging or tonality. In the horizontal plane, listening while moving from side to side will still provide the listener with superb focus and dimensionality. The woofer chosen for the Super Eclipse uses a huge magnet assembly with a 2″ voice coil. A very stiff, specially treated paper cone is almost impervious to cone break up or flexing. They are not huge in terms of size (2 – 8″ Paper Treated Woofers per channel) but the enclosure is highly engineered to give enough low frequency response.

Unlike the majority of other speaker companies that place their woofers on the front of their speakers, Coincident mounts their woofers on the side of the enclosures in a mirror imaged configuration. Since the largest drivers are mounted on the side of the enclosure, the width of the front baffle is reduced considerably, thereby eliminating diffraction effects.


So, what can be done to this already excellent speaker. Well, not much but the previous owner had Mundorf Silver-Gold-oil capacitors and Echole Silver-Gold-Palladium inner cables installed by Kerem Kucukaslan of Echole Cables. He also changed the stock posts to Eichmann Cablepod Binding Posts.


Maybe best upgrade for this speaker will be to use it with a proper speaker cable. And I guess I found that cable: Ocellia Silver References. When they arrive I’ll change the binding posts once more to a silver post to match the material inside and outside the speaker.

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