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LOTR Chess Set – White Army

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Obviously my preference of White Army mainly depends on the characters of the fellowship. Primarily I tried to place that main characters to the appropriate positions on the chessboard and then choose other pieces considering both logic of chess and the importance of them in the book. Here are my choices:


King: Eaglemoss used Aragorn as King in the Set 1, but I chose Gandalf. Because Gandalf was the mightiest of the “good” ones leader of them. For this reason he is better suited on King rather than Bishop. And remember, this game born in the East and centuries later adopted to West. Chess pieces have different meanings in West and East. I’ll write on this at a future article. After deciding on Gandalf, there is still one more choice: Which Gandalf? Eaglemoss used Gandalf the White in Set 1 and Gandalf the Grey in Set 3 both as a Bishop. Two points helped in this decision: First, traditionally King is the tallest piece on the chessboard. However Gandalf the White is shorter than Aragorn, my choice for the Queen. Secondly, Gandalf the Grey is more realistic and more beautiful. For these reasons, the King was selected as Gandalf the Grey from Set 3.

Queen: I must speak a little more about how this game is perceived in East and West. Chess is a game developed in Eastern cultures, therefore, social and military structure was based on Eastern culture. In East, a Vezir (General-in-Chief), as a right hand man of the Shah (Emperor, Sultan, whatever) rules the battles. But unfortunately while adopting the game to Western culture, Shah is adopted as King (which seems ok) and Vezir is adopted as Queen (oh noo). In fact, this choice leads some results which is in contrast with the reality. So in West, Kings sits at home while Queens pursues enemies in the battlefield?


Arwen was the Queen of the Set 1 in accordance with the Western culture. Well, beauty is beyond dispute, but unfortunately, as Queen, Arwen could not find a place in my chessboard, I preferred Aragorn instead. Remember, in my culture that piece is something similar to a General of the army. And, Aragorn is not doing the less. Thus, I have made a choice that fits both the logic of chess and of the book.

Bishop: In the original Eaglemoss Set, Gandalf and Legolas are Bishops. Gandalf is a King now, but Legolas’ s not changed its position. He take his position on the King side near his dear leader, Gandalf. For the other Bishop I considered Arwen but then Boromir in Set 3 seemed a better option. Boromir is one of the controversial character of the book. Although he is seduced by the ring, he is a brave and powerful warrior. Obviously Eaglemoss don’t like him too much that, he is the only fellowship character who is absent in the Set 1. He find a place in Set 2, but just as a pawn. However he become a Bishop in Set 3. Although he made a disgraceful error; he noticed it, tried to fix it but paid it by his life, I decided to give him a place in my own chess board. Thus, my Queen side Bishop is Boromir. He is next to his King Aragorn. There is another reason I placed Boromir on the Queen side. Unlike all the other chess pieces, Bishops can use either only white squares or blacks. If they start the game on whites, they are forever white. Therefore Boromir, referring to the dark side of his character, is better suited on black square. So does Legolas suited on whites.

Knight: I agree with the preferences of Eaglemoss. Knight pieces in chess is related with horses, so the King of Rohan Theoden and his Captain Eomer are natural choices for this position. I placed Eomer in Queen’s side; and Theoden on King’s side. The pawns and the placement of the facing pieces of the Black Army which will discussed later, effected this choice.

Rook: Rooks in the traditional Eastern chess means “fortress.” By choosing Osgiliath and Minas Tirith, Eaglemoss is the one who is faithful to this tradition, not me. Although it would be natural to use Eaglemoss’ selections, I preferred two very important characters: Elrond and Galadriel. I think these two characters are well suited for the Rook, or “castle”. In the entire LOTR trio, they don’ t move from their homes but possess the greatest treat to the enemy. Just like a Rook in the chessboard who has clear lines. Especially if they move from their places and join, they become a power even Queen’s can not stop. If you remember, even Sauron feared that the Ring passes into hands of these two people, until he learns the existence of Aragorn.


Pawns: I mostly remained loyal to choice of Eaglemoss in this group. The reason for this is they already preferred the most important characters in the book: The 4 hobbits, Gimli, Faramir and Eowyn. They make 7, means there is an empty position. Eaglemoss used an Unnamed Gondorian soldier but I prefered King Theoden’s faithful guardian Hama from Set 3.


I have an important notice for the readers of this article. Please be aware that the pawns of Set 2 are totally unproportional with the other chess pieces. So, if you are after the same ratios, then stay away from the pawns of Set 2. But in Set 1 and Set 3 ratios are preserved and when big folk is used as pawn, they are described as knelling. This makes their height shorter and look like a pawn and provide full compliance with the other characters in the back row. When placing the pawns I’m completely free to choose their places. So I planned hard to add fine details to the chessboard. Here’s preferences:

King’s Pawn: Obviously it is best to put the the most important pawn, Frodo, in front of the most important chess piece, King. Throughout the book, Gandalf’s devotion to Frodo emphasized frequently. Moreover, Gandalf do not trust to mighty Elrond, Galadriel or Aragorn; but to this little hobbit to defeat the Evil. So it is best to be in front of him.


Queen’s Pawn: Thinking Sam without his master Frodo would be unwise, let’s place him near Frodo, and in front of Aragorn. King and Queen pawns are the two most important pawns, and this two hobbits are well suited for this task.

Bishops’ Pawns: The choice of these two was very easy. They will stand in front of Boromir and Legolas, so it is natural to have Faramir and Gimli in this position respectively. Thus, the two brothers of Gondor stands together. And the brotherhood of Dwarf, and Elf is nothing short of the other two.

Knights’ Pawns: This is also another easy choice. I choose Eowyn in front of Eomer; and Hama in front of King Theoden. Thus, I leaved the B and G lines to Rohan. Another choice can be made here, as in the Battle of the Pelennor Eowyn was the one who saved his uncle from the evil death. I considered to choose Eowyn in front of Theoden, however my inital choice is superior. Because in this case, Eowyn and Faramir stand side by side. This is not mentioned in the movie but, this two gets marry in the book.

Rooks’ Pawns: So far it was easy to decide the pawns, but I couldn’ t manage to place this inseparable Hobbits side by side. Since other pawns fits perfectly to their places I had no chance but to accept the idea of separating them to the other ends of the chessboard. While placing pawns I always tried to be compatible with the chess pieces behind. But Galadriel and Elrond doesn’ t have any direct connections with any of the characters I have as pawns. So I couldn’ t apply that rule also. But at least, I placed Merry next to his dear lady, Eowyn; and Pippin next to Hama.

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