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Trying with Left Hand

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“Ok, now I’m changing my bow hand, trying it with left hand…”


I heard this phrase from my cello teacher Yiğit Tan a dozen of times. Whenever I had a problem with holding the bow, he tries to fix it and at the end saying this phrase passes the bow to other hand. No! He is not doing this to free his right hand, and punch me in the face.


Learning an instrument like cello in the adult age is quite a challenge, and the worst thing happens to an adult student is, working with a teacher who can not understand an adult student faces. Playing cello is one thing, and teaching it, is another. This phrase Mr. Tan frequently uses, shows his effort to understand what I feel. This effort helps him to find a solution. Even it doesn’t help to the solution, as a student relieves me and reminds me that this errors are normal for beginners.


Your teachers’ effort to understand you works better instead of seeing an angry face when errors occur. It keeps your self confidence and your devotion to cello alive. Whenever you realize your teacher can not empathy with you, then look elsewhere.

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