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Scheduling Practice

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I will tell you straightly, learning cello is like learning a new language on top of skates, at the same time learning skating. You have to mentally connected to what you are doing while at the same time doing physical activity. Keep muscles doing the job in a relaxed mood, and your eyes must follow the tunes while your both hands do different jobs, and moreover you have to be aware if all these muscles are aching or not. This is a lot of bandwidth for your brain and to accustomed it you need to practice a lot.


Your teacher who managed this in a young age, without noticing may not understand what you are dealing with, but he/she must do his best to understand you. Of course after some point, you are alone. You have to practice same things again and again. Are you practicing bowing on open string, you’ll repeat this for months. Can you keep the bow parallel to bridge? Months of practicing. I mean you have to practice every single detail for a loong time. So I’ll tell straightly again, you can not learn cello with once a week lessons with teacher. I know from experience. Daily practicing is needed to progress. Many experienced cellists say that half an hour a day is better than 4 hours in a single day per week. It is important to commit yourself to spending a pre-set amount of time working with your cello everyday without fail.

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