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Removing Microphonics from SA-5.1

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I told the story of my Counterpoint SA-5.1 purchase here. When the unit come to me it was extremely microphonic. When you walk around, talk loudly, bring your hand to volume pod it’d give a loud cry. This was a little nuisance at first when I was about to buy it; and a bigger one at later usage. So in time I began to search for this issue.


The friend I bought this unit from, previously had another Counterpoint SA-5.1 and a Counterpoint SA-3.1 both in stock. He says that this modified unit has the lowest hum but somewhat higher microphonics. So I assume that high microphonics is the result of this modification (this is simple math dude, contact me if you can’t figure out how)


On the internet sources I see that people deals with the tubes first when solving high microphonics. So I decided to buy  tube dampers first. After more search I read good things about Herbie’s Audio Lab products. This is a boutique company, producing quality products with very reasonable prices. And one of their more popular products are tube dampers. So I contacted Steve from Herbie’s Audio Lab and also recommended Tenderfoot to use under the pre-amplifier. With some other products I ordered tube dampers and tenderfoot and after a short wait I received the package.

I applied Rx Ultrasonic tube dampers to four 6DJ8 tubes and Preamp Ultrasonic dampers to remaining tubes. Also stock feet are changed with Herbie’s Tenderfoot. And well, they cured the microphonics beyond my expectation. Suddenly my tube pre-amplifier as dead silent as a solid state. That killing microphonics on the SA-5.1 has gone. I highly recommend these products to everyone.


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