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London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Every Olympics opening ceremony is unique and should not be compared to others as some commentators have done.  As for the London 2012 opening ceremony I thought it was awe-inspiring and I watched avidly with a full range of emotions culminating in tears when I saw the Olympic Cauldron lit and come together in such a beautifully simple but highly symbolic fashion. Tears streaming down my face, I contemplated that If only all the world’s nations could do the same and start to love each over, the world could be such a amazing place to be.  It truly symbolized what I feel as a human being.

The rest of the Olympics opening ceremony was also spectacular but I suppose my view is slightly biased being British.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Green and Peaceful land transforming into the Industrial Revolution and finally forging the 5 Olympic rings that represent the 5 Continents coming together (this also brought tears to my eyes).

Perhaps some of the ceremony was a little hard to comprehend to some nations but the message was always one of togetherness, teamwork, inspiration and innovation.

I tend to celebrate myself as a citizen of the Earth more then just being British but I was so wonderfully proud to have been born in these eclectic and at times bizarre Isles. I also believe that the absence of any mention of the British Empire tends to promote the idea that we, as a modern day nation, are perhaps just a tad embarrassed even ashamed about the actions of some of our forebears.  On a global tone, I believe another of the ceremonies messages was for the world to look to the future and invest in our children.

All this for just 27 million GBP. Danny Boyle was always highly considered as a great film director but now he has become one of my heroes.

But what about the Queen—- what a great support she is to have entered the Olympic spirit and allowed Boyle to make the Bond Theme film.  It turns out that she jumped at the idea to do it and what’s more, thoroughly enjoyed her part.

It is encouraging that all of the stadia will be used in the future as we badly needed new places to do sport.  We were sadly lacking such places before we built these splendid edifices.

My only regret is that I could not be there at the stadium to see it live.

Cris Paris, a retired single man currently living in Somerset in the South West of England. During my working life I have worked as a theatrical technician before progressing into television. Retiring early due to ill health, I now pass my time collecting classical music on vinyl & a little selling on eBay to fund the ever-growing collection.


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