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Learning from Mistakes

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While trying to tell an unknown, I usually get help by comparing it to a more known subject. Sometimes I’m using the driving analogy to explain learning cello to an adult friend.




I guess we can easily say that learning cello is similar to learning to drive. Both of them requires different movements for both arms, a certain position of sitting, concentration. Both requires repeating every new thing again and again. But there is one significant difference which changes the learning process entirely in this two examples. While learning to drive when you make a wrong movement, either your car will stop or you’ll hit something. So you can realize the result immediately that you’ve made a mistake. Next time you’ll try something different, because learning from your mistake is easier.

Orcan Koç is practicing…

Learning cello is a bit different. You can still play the cello if you are using your body incorrectly. Your intonation will be wrong, sound will be thin; but it will “work” and you’ll hear the sound you are playing. And if you are believing that, playing cello is making sounds with it, you’ll never realize you are doing it wrong, until your muscles ache. But it will be late, because you were practicing incorrectly, you are teaching yourself to do it incorrectly.


Thus you must not persist in playing if the sound is not good. Try to analyze what is going wrong. Are you using your body correctly; are you bowing at right angles to the strings; are you relaxed at arms, hands, fingers; are you sitting correctly etc… Take the learning process step by step. Divide the playing procedure to smaller parts, so that you can locate the errors.

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