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Music Stand

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For an comfortable practice you must definitely have a music stand. Putting your practice book here and there may be a cheaper alternative but believe me it does not work. Being comfortable while studying is one of the key-points of an effective study.


After I begin to use a music stand, even my study times gets longer.

My first stand was this Hercule unit. This is foldable and easy to carry. It can hold even heavy books, so it is a good buy. Later on I designed a custom music stand and have it produced in Aduro Ahşap.

This unit is hand carved from Sipo tree. Tulip is a special flower in Turkish culture. For some half a millennium it has been using on mosaics, on çini’s as a decoration. Initially it is used mostly in Saray (Palace) but ordinary people accepted is as well and appear again and again in very wide range of things in daily life. It is the subject of Turkish art called Ebru, so on. That’s why I want this stand to be in a shape of a tulip. Since my fiancée also plays music instruments, I designed it as double sided. So, we can practice together. It is nice, isn’t it?

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