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Keeping Tune and Time

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So, you find a teacher, you have a cello, you have the bow. What else do you need? Books? Yes, you definitely need books, but I want to talk about it in a future article. I want to talk about other gadgets you’ll need in your cello life. Before spending money on something, ask your teacher first. He/She may give recommendations and if you are lucky give some spare parts on the list.


Tuner: If you are an adult beginner and never studied music before, the first thing you’ll need is a tuner. Open cello strings must be tuned to A – D – G – C before practicing. A beginner student who practices only bowing can have the impression that this is unnecessary, but to train your ear and get accustomed to sounds it is better to tune your cello everytime. I preferred a Korg TM 40 unit which has an electronic metronome as well. Very practical and user friendly.

Metronome: Practicing with metronome disciplines your bowings so you need one. There mechanic units which looks gorgeous but they are not practical. Electronic units are easy to use and easy to find a place at your reach. Consider buying a tuner with built-in metronome because they are easier to carry with you. This is important if you make your practices with your teacher not at your place. This is better than carrying two devices. I’m not even mentioning to carry an analog metronome with you.


Mute: I live in an apartment and practicing cello in such an environment can hurt the relations with the neighbors. Especially in your first months, when you can not play a couple of nice tunes together. This is why you have to use a mute in an apartment. They are attached on bridge and decreases the vibrations, thus smalling the sound. Even if you don’t have problems with neighbors but practice cello in a small room, you may consider to use a mute. There are several types of mute: Plastic, wood and metal. After several tries, I found that metal mutes have the strongest effect.

Clock: Have you heard Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? He says that time is a relative thing and can slow down. Well, I know it clearly, time slows down while practicing cello. This is embarrassing but, if I don’t keep a clock at my sight, I tend to finish practicing

quiet early, thinking that it has been an hour. Err, 20 minutes sometimes. So keep a clock in your sight and try to discipline yourself about the practice durations.

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