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Keeping the Cello

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Do you realize that cello is not a tiny instrument to store under your bed? I brought my first cello to home without a stand. For some weeks I kept it inside its’ softcase but it is neither practical nor safe. Then I started to search for a stand to use at home. I think one of the better ways of storing cello at home is this kind of stand:

This stand carries the cello at scroll. Its’ height is adjustable so I adjusted it to support at endpin also. Although this stand is nice, nevertheless your cello is susceptable to physical effects. This physical effect can be a small kid, a moisture or a temperature change. I used this for some two years and then designed a special furniture to store books and my cello in it. This is how it looks like:

At the top I used a Hercule guitar hanger. In the product range, Hercule doesn’t have an original cello hanger, since it is a heavy instrument to hang.


But this hanger does good on cello as well. Since I designed a base for cello to sit on, this hanger is safe to use. It has a locking mechanism to keep cello safe.

Hanging the cello is not good idea unless it will sit on something. In this case, you are not hanging it, but just giving support on the scroll against topping. I changed the base wood of Hercule to a custom made from Sipo tree.



This is a custom made base for my cello. I preferred Sipo tree for the look. It is carved from a massive block. Ofcourse this is not my DIY, I tank to Aduro Ahşap for this excellent work.

As a result I’m keeping my cello in a delicate way. A friend once asked, if this is an overdesign for a Chinese cello. No friend, it is one of the meanings of my life. Besides every cello (violin etc.) deserves such an attention.


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  1. Burton Shi

    I agree completel that every cello deserves such an attention.
    That’s a beautiful.

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