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Chair for Cello

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Well, as you may noticed already, cello is playing while seated. So, it is safe to say that, sitting on a chair is a part of playing which effects the end result. One of the easiest way of being a better cellist can be achieved by sitting correctly.




Since sitting posture is important, the chair is also important. My first lesson with cello was with a student at a College of Music and the first thing he showed me was the sitting posture on a chair. He told me to sit on very tip of the chair and keep my back straight. If the chair is not suitable enough for playing cello, this position is a real pain. I discovered that chairs which has a frame outside and smooth foam rubber inside in the sitting section are not suitable for cello practicing. This chairs are ideal for sitting on the smooth part in the middle, so the frame at outside normally aren’t smoothened. If you try to sit on the tip, your precious bottom will ache on the harder frame, and soon will hurt. So I think chairs with a hard plate at the bottom covered with rubber foam are better. Maybe this simple drawing makes you understand what I mean.



Thats one thing, and another important point is the back of chair. Since you have sit upright, its better to have a chair with upright back. They support your back and help you to keep your sitting position. As you may noticed, I couldn’t keep the habit of sitting in the tip. Sometimes I have terrible back aches, so to lean against the chair relieves my back.



This is the chair I’m using. It’s a custom made according to my needs.

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