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Analogue Music

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Analogue music is transforming the acoustical energy hidden in the grooves of LPs by the stylus to electrical energy. Until the usage of vinyl in 1950’s, a long progress had been made in the 20th century. High fidelity age was to begin.




In fact, the records made in the 1950s are still considered as excellent. A Mercury Living Presence record older than yourself, may amaze you. But at that time the hi-fi systems were not good enough to reveal the secrets of these records. For this, audiophiles should wait another 20 – 30 years would have to wait. The 1970 ‘s were golden age for records, after 1982 when CD’s began to appear, they started to decline.

In the last decade the sales of turntables and records are increasing again. Most people says this is a nostalgia or longing for the past, people under 35 including myself haven’t seen the LP-age so people can’t yearn for the unknown. Maybe some people thinks that quality of sound in records are better, I don’t know. My reason for listening analog music is, it touches the emotional side of the music better. But neither digital nor the analog can be like to live music.


Today once again, popular artists release their albums also in LP format. Despite the high prices of LP, each year the sales is increasing. Some use a USB turntable to use with computer; some prefer a hi-fi system; but more and more LPs listening every day. This is a good thing, I think for the music industry. At least every LP is legal an will stay legal.

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