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Are You Strong Enough?

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I’m not a body builder but I can say that I’m not a weak person either. I can carry rather heavy packages, put them on the shelves above etc. But soon I learned that, being a good shape doesn’ t related with playing cello will be hurt-some or not.




I had problems especially on my right arm. A typical cello bow weights 80g – 85g but holding it a while causes pains on my upper chest and arm. First few months my problem was that. To overcome this pains you must be able to distinguish normal wear with muscle pains. Clearly after some exercise some muscles needs rest, but muscle pains is a different thing. It happens when you use your muscle more than needed.

Later as that muscles strengthen a bit a second problem occurred in my right hand. As you noticed a stringed instruments’ bow has a strange shape at the end. The thing is called frog and I’m not sure how the design evolved historically but trying to hold it at hand is a strange thing. In fact I’m sure that every student hates its design when they feel a bursting pain in bow hand. Well, keep calm because with time you can overcome of it. But surely this little exercise ball helped me a lot.

Originally it is for pilates (I don’t know what they do it with) but it has a perfect weight and elasticity to strengthen your hand. Just squeeze it as much as you can while not playing cello. Do it with left hand as well, extending your arm away from your body and holding it in the air to strengthen your arm muscles at the same time. Practicing at the tip also helps to overcome this problem. After a few weeks my pains has gone and now I can just concentrate on music.


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