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Practicing at the Tip

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As I told in this article, you must be fit enough to play cello. Because cello playing needs usually different muscles you use in your daily life. You may be a strong person, but this doesn’t mean you are fit enough to play cello.




As an adult learner, in your daily life it is hard to devote an hour for cello practicing. And when you achieve that, you have to use that hour efficiently. If you get tired easily, playing cello is not fun, believe me. During my bowing era (I define this as an “era” because all you do is bowing) I had pains in my upper chest and arm. After some examination with my teacher Yiğit Tan, we concluded that this problem is partly being weak at that muscles. So to overcome this I began bowing at the tip of the bow.

This practice is as simple as this: Whatever you are practicing at that moment, do it at the tip of the bow. Just bowing in open string, scales or a musical piece… This practice has a few gains. First you get better control capability at the tip of the bow. Second, since it is harder for your muscles to do it at the tip, in time you’ll get stronger. Thirdly you are still practicing the pieces you must do and lastly  you are doing all this in your that valuable 1 hour.


The video link below, provides more information about this topic.



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