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Room: The Good, The Better and The Sweety

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Originally my room setup was different and the title was The Bad, The Worse and The Ugly. The room has not changed but I made some arrangements to make a better placement of the rack, and some acoustic regulations. Now I made a new placement keeping the Hi-Fi on mind.




The Good:  This is my main living room, but I designed it to serve me a listening room as well. Formerly my system was not symmetrically placed in the room. But now I moved the speakers to the short side of the rectangle and placed them symmetrical to side walls. This time I placed the speakers as side woofers facing inside. This gives better soundstage. Also there is more space between the speaker and back wall. It is around 30” now.

The Better: People usually place the hi-fi rack in between the speakers. From what I read, I choose to move the hi-fi rack to a side wall so that the area between the speakers are free to walk. This has two benefits: As a living room it has a better usage; as a listening room it has better acoustics. Sound stage is more clear, reflections from the rack has gone. Moving the tubes out of the woofers’ range is added plus. The sound is clearer now. The only disadvantage of this placement is increased speaker cable length for me, and this is not an acoustic but economic disadvantage.

The Sweety: Although it is my main living room I made a few arrangements for acoustical treatment. I made diy QRD panels to the behind of the speakers. I don’t want to kill the sound, so preferred diffusers. There are two fiberglass absorbers to tame the low frequencies. The parallel walls are a little on the bright side so I build two more absorbers for the first reflection points at the side wall. But I’m using them at critical listening. Otherwise they are resting somewhere else. I haven’t done anything for the large windows around the speakers.

BTW, a well respected audio professional has just told me that “he liked the side diffusers so much (!)” with a smile at the end. Well, he is right of course, initially they were built for the first reflection point of the ceiling but when the construction is done I gave up the idea. The panels were too heavy and I preferred to use them at side walls.

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