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Royal Albert Hall

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Sometimes Europe is called as “Old Continent”. As you may guess this phrase is not referring the geological age of the continent, it is related as the seniority of the “civilized” human life on it. While I’m traviling in the old cities of the old continent, I always try to visit the buildings which are symbol of this old civilization. When I was planning my London travel, one of the first place come to my mind was Royal Albert Hall. The structure which has the leading role on the city’s cultural life for centuries, of course has to be seen.

Let me tell a little history first. In 1851 a Great Exhibition was held in Hyde Park. Thanks to the success of the fair, Prince Albert decided to built a permanent structure for the illumination of the people. His proposal was accepted and the land was purchased by the income of the fair. The plan phase was progressing slowly and moreover beloved Prince Albert died in 1861. His loss did not left unattended and slow down the project, in fact quite contrarily accelarat it.  Not left unattended or even accelerate the project have resulted in his death. I think you already know it, Prince Albert is Queen Victoria’s husband. Maybe Queen  wanted to complete this project in memory of her husband.

It is clear that the geometry of the structure is inspired from ancient amphitheaters. Red bricks used in the construction predominantly and with clay called terracotta, decorative shapes has been built. Iron dome is crafted in Manchester and before sending it with horse-drawn carriages, they constructed it on ground for trial. Of course, the manufacturing on the ground level differs quite a lot with the construction at a height of 40 meters. So they make the assembly construction with only volunteers. They were fearing from a collapse but this never happened. Building was completed under the supervision of Her Majesty’s The Queen. The structure’s initial plan was to be a 8000 people hall, but with todays security limitations the capacity is 5500 people. Quite a lot, isn’t it?


After the opening in 1871, it is noticed that Royal Albert Hall has a serious echo problem in the hall. The canvas that are hang on the dome didn’t have a positive effect on the problem. The problem remained unsolved for a long time. It is exposed jokes like “The only place where a British composer may hear his work twice.” Royal Albert Hall’s distinctive shape was its’ luck in the war period. German pilots left it untouched to use as a landmark to find directions.


In 1949 canvas are removed for the aluminum panels to cure the acoustic problem. But the problem was still unsolved until 1969, when fiberglass panels was used. Still, Royal Albert Hal is not considered as a hall shining with its’ acoustics. Which is still a place where the acoustics are not the foreground.


I wanted to see this famous building but during an event would be a better taste. So I searched the Royal Albert Hall program to see the events in my London days. I was expecting to find a classical music concert. Yet, in that week there was another event in the calendar. And it took sometime to understand the name: AEGON.  After learning that it is a Tennis Tournament, “alas!” I said. Trying to forgot it, I concentrated on the rest of the trip.


After 8 – 10 days, I remembered the Royal Albert Hall again decided to give a look again. Tennis tournament, hııımm, what’s that, would I be bored? Isn’t it contrasted with the calmness of classical music? Maybe it should be fun. I don’t know man, I haven’t been to tennis game before. Should I buy it? Ok, let’s give it a chance…

I came to Hall with mixed emotions. When you enter to the building the magic surrounds you. The dome is surrounded with corridors which will lead you to your seat. Until finding that inner door you can’t see what’s inside, and the climax is the moment you walk in to the main hall. At that moment I was thankful to God for buying that ticket. It was so impressive. The buildings’ height is almost as big as the base diameter, this results with a great height difference with the front seat. The perception is as if there es no one in front of you. With another saying, as if every seat in the hall is in the first row.

Let’s talk about tennis tournament. I had no idea what was that about until I saw the games. All I knew was it is an ATP Champions Tour. Did it express anything to me? No. Games are played in 3 categories and real thing about the tour is entertainment.  The first game was between Goran Ivanisevic – Mark Philippoussis and it was great fun. Both of them are still strong enough to show beautiful strokes. Interactive with the audience, jokes between each other, they also exhibited some beautiful movements. When finally Philippoussis won, how should a game be better than this, I was thinking. Because next game was between veterans. The surprising point is, this game was still more fun than the former. Especially Bahrami was fantastic with the interaction with everyone, even with the referees. When talking about “show and interaction” in sport games, Harlem Globetrotters come to my mind. But this games was better for me since they are spontaneous and not artificial. Last game was between former stars, it was still entertaining but a better game in terms of tennis.

Interesting work, and work in this beautiful show is still part of the Veterans’ tennis match was fantastic, wonderful, especially Bahrami. Sports games is what I’m talking about the show you can remember, but not mind coming in Harlem. Spontaneous, do people want to have fun, talking about artificially stopping the show. Third match was between the old and the first two years, if not as much fun as the match was still a good match.


I guess I’m a little bit uninterested against this type of entertainment organizations. I’m sure I can see similar events in Turkey as well as. This AEGON tournament in the magic of Royal Albert Hall left so good memories that, I’ll be more aware in the future.

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