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J. P. Guivier

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Probably you already know this from other articles on my web page but let me say it again: I started to learn cello in an adult age. When I was in London I haven’t planned to see a string shop but during a concert I saw several ads of shops in city. So, why not, I thought. The other day I was around Marlyebone and remembered that, I’m pretty close to Bishop Strings and decided to see it. In Turkey we don’t have specialized string shops, so we don’t have a chance to deal expert shopkeepers and choose quality instruments. Let’s see what is it look like.




This article is not about Bishop Strings, but I have to tell it to help you understand the whole story. In the ads they claim to help finding the perfect instrument for you. Encouraged by these advertisements, and in order to live that experience I went to 2, Hinde Street. When I played the bell at the door (this is not an “open the door and enter” place), a gentle voice asked whether I have an appointment or not. There was a brief silence after my reply (of course, I do not have an appointment or something) and came the sound of the automatic door: zıııtt. Formal meeting continued inside, and I’m reminded gently that, I do not belong there. Indeed, Bishop’s is selling truly “perfect instruments”, so they do not need students at adult age but perfect musicians. Although a bit embarrassed, I still felt happy to see the inside and instruments. The real help of Bishop’s was to advice me J. P. Guivier’s at 99, Mortimer Street.

You have noticed the title right? So I find the subject of the article. First let me talk about the building. Like the surrounding buildings, this one is a 4-storey building. I saw the three storeys but perhaps of the entire building may belong to them. When I saw the ring on the outside of the door, bad old memories come to my mind, but I was determined to step in. Fortunately this time the door opened immediately when I rang the bell. The moment you enter the door you understand that you are in a historic place that smells “history”. This does not look like the shiny and hygienically shop I’ve been to this morning.

In the shop I saw tens of instrument some of them inside the cabinets, some ane not, hundreds of bows and accessories about the string instruments. Finally I found a place in which I can be relaxed and comfortable. J. P. Guivier dates back to 1863 when a Frenchman Jean Prosper Guivier established a company to manufacture strings. Since then, they have been to some elegant places in London and the ownership passed to several different people. They are in this address since 1960’s and today Robin Hamilton and Richard White jointly run the business. Richard dealt with me more and I can say that both are warm and sincere people.

J. P. Guivier was so relaxing that even a man like me after the Bishop experience, comes to a point of trying bows. So I asked Richard to suggest me some student bows. He politely ask me to follow him, and we went upstairs. Here, there was quite a big hall and about 20 cellos. He chose the bows that fit my criteria, gave me a cello and left the room saying that “feel yourself at home” Well, that was fast and I couldn’t ask for more. No unnecessary talks, no time loosing. I thought he will wait in the room and was anxious about the trying session. So I kept his word, and felt at home. Stepped in the room a while and sat on the chair, picking up the cello. Then the price tag of the cello caught my eye, Oh God what is this! The cello Richard chose has a £10000 price on it. Well after this gesture I totally forget the Bishop experience and concentrate on the bows. But can you realize, all this efforts are for a customer who is unlikely to buy anything (I said that I’m a tourist) and in the league of £300 bows?

The topic of this article is not the buying experience but let me tell you the result. The options in my price range was Col’legno and Codabow carbonfibre bows, and they were good. But to see what I’m missing I tried a few more expensive Pernambuco bows. I’m not experienced enough to choose a bow but after a few hours I realized that I’m more comfortable with a silver mounted Marco Raposo bow. The 6 Raposo bow all left different tastes (next day I tried 4 more Raposo in another shop named Stringers) Since I want to try it in another day with a different mood, I reserved it and came to shop two more times. I preferred the same bow in every trial so I made the purchase 4 – 5 hours before my flight. I also bought a bow box to carry it safely. Perhaps I decide to buy the instrument abroad and may need to carry the bow with me.


Thus, with chance I found a nice and warm place, and did the shopping. If you come to London visit to J. P. Guivier, you’ ll like it.

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