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SME V Tonearm

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This was a dream come true. Back in 2005, when I wanted to buy first real hifi system, I made months of search and fall in love with this arm. At that time I couldn’t even think of owning one, but as years passed I go deeper in this hobby and at last I have one.


This arm is the physical state of pure engineering. Some one can argue that there are better arms, and in fact there may be. But Series V will always be a true classic.




The functioning of a pick-up arm appears simple but is in fact very complex. All cartridges employ relative motion between tonearm and stationary parts of a system to produce the signal output. Reproduction can only be true therefore when all movement representing groove modulation is made by the armature and none by the stationary parts represented by the cartridge body. Unless the pick-up arm holds the latter against even the minutest movement at audio frequencies the signal will be modified in some way. The result is a subtle loss of clarity, dynamic range and transient attack that can make the sound from even the best system tiring to listen to.

So, in common with any mechanical device the behavior of a pick-up arm is governed by three properties of matter that also define the laws of motion. The first property is mass which opposes any change in motion. The effective mass of an arm and cartridge resists motion least at low frequencies but increasingly as frequency rises. It is this resisting force which makes the operation of a cartridge possible. The second property is stiffness which resists bending or flexing. It is a restoring force, proportional to position or deflection.


The third property is damping or resistance to motion. Mass and stiffness determine how much a pick-up arm will flex and vibrate and damping determines how long it will vibrate. Damping alone cannot prevent flexing or vibration, it can only lessen its effect. The stiffer the arm the less it will flex and vibrate; the more massive the less it will vibrate. This seems a hard equation to solve but thousands of users in some decades proved that, engineers in SME found the perfect solution. Optimum stiffness and vibration is provided with the optimum amount of mass.

Added strength of a Series V arm is the flexibility in usage. Every parameter you need can be adjusted with simple operation. This will be your life saver when you want to try different cartridges. For me the weakest link of the tonearm is the stock Van den Hul tonearm cable. I think this arm deserves much more than this. So last year I changed the stock cable to Cardas Golden Reference cable. Currently using the Grado Reference Master1 MI cartridge with it.

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