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Buying the Bow

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While telling others how excellent one instrument sounds, one fact usually is forgotten: Bow. The bow strongly affects the sound of your cello. An expensive bow doesn’t always mean a better one, because you must add the cello to equation. So, while choosing a bow you must try them with the particular cello you’ll use.


While trying, keep trying. The more you try, the better your choice will be. Bow must be balanced and fit your hand nice. A heavy bow makes the sound duller and may slow your reactions. A light bow may not be strong enough can make the sound thin. Your aim should be to find a bow that sounds good in your hands and feels comfortable.

I’m not experienced enough to choose a cello. But I find myself looking for a bow sooner than required. In fact my real problem was the muscle pains in my hand which I mentioned HERE. When I take my teacher’s bow, I was more comfortable, so I decided to change the bow. During that a period when I’m not comfortable with my Chinese bow I made a travel to London. Well, London is a nice city with some real good string shops. After visiting a few shops, I ended in J. P. Guivier and tried many bows available. I tried around 10 Raposo bows apart from others and all has different character. I find in blind tests that I’m most comfortable with 80g – 82g bows. After three visits and several hours to shop I bought a nice Marco Raposo bow. It is not as stiff like the high priced bows, but still a nice bow which will serve me for years.

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