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Vacuum Cleaning for Records

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When an audiophile who is searching methods for record cleaning, eventually vacuum cleaning machines will be on the agenda. If the number of records in the collection exceeds a number like 500, these machines are the most serious solution.



The operation in record cleaning machines is straightforward. Record is fixed to a platter which is turned by a small engine. Then the user pours the cleaning liquid on record and brush it by a record brush. Since the record is turned by the machine, he/she does not move his/her hand, keep it steady and let the record flow under it while brush is on the surface. After brushing, the main task of the machine starts, because it is possible to overcome brushing part even if the machine does not have a turning engine. But to remove the contaminated fluid from the record is a nuisance itself.

Anyone thinking of buying a record cleaning machine probably considered the handwash method. I think the most important shortcoming of handwash method is not the quality of cleaning but, removing the contaminated fluid from record. If you wait for them to dry, the dirt will remain on the surface. If you hand wash and rinse with tap water, than the dirt on record will replace with dissolved minerals in the water. If you dry the records with a fabric, minerals will still remain and the particles on fabric may pass to record. You can rinse with distilled water and wait to dry on a shelf but cleaning a large collection will not be practical or cheap.

As you may guess, record cleaning machines vacuum the dirty water from the surface of the record. When vacuum operation is started, the suction arm presses on itself on the record by the vacuum effect. As the platter returns it sucks the water on the record. When the process is over, the contaminated fluid is removed and also dried. You can put it in its envelope and then next record.

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