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Record Cleaning Brushes

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Dust … Small airborne evils. I know you are everywhere; in the breath I’m taking, on the computer monitor, inside my palm on on the records. All of them can be acceptable but I can’t stand with the last one as a person who is dealing with hi-fi. So I’m careful about lp cleaning. I’m using special tools and I have a ritual for lp cleaning (I like using that word). In this article I’ll talk about brushes needed




First of all you must notice that LP’s are fragile items in contrast to their weight and sturdy-looking shape. Note that these objects need to be treated very sensitive and gentle. Maybe you get them cheap or some elder member of your family gave them to you; you must use appropriate tools in order to use them for much more time in the future. You do not want to mes things up while trying to clean them, right?

Reality bites, and here is the truth: Sweeping with a fabric doesn’t works, and it may make thing worse. I think cleaning should be either done with a proper way or shouldn’t done at all. The first, easiest and cheapest step to start the lp cleaning is buying a brush. I generally use two different brushes.


1. Anti-static Brush

It should always be kept close at hand. There are similar products on the market you can choose whichever suits you. I do not think their performance differs a lot. Some products have grounding cable to discharge static charge. I never used them, but I think their practicality is reduced a bit since they must be connected to a power socket or some grounding line. I think you should also buy a simpler one, if you are after a brush with a grounding cable.

2. Wet / Dry Brush

Some companies sell the same product for every application without distinction between wet and dry. The company I preferred, Disc Doctor believes in different fabrics in wet and dry usage. So I bought two wet brushes to use one with alcohol solution and other with distilled water as I’m telling in the LP cleaning ritual. These brushes can clean the tiny grooves of LPs.

The smallest investment you can make to clean your LPs is to buy a brush. And don’t forget, never use this brush for another application than cleaning LPs.

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